Boost Your Audience Engagement

Activate, our mobile and experiential engagement service, gives brands the possibility to connect with audiences throughout their journey through activation and various media platforms: Social Walls, Gaming, Live Feeds, NFC, Conditional Triggers, Mobile Advertising, and much more. Activate your campaign and watch engaged consumers become connected brand lovers.

Social Wall

Whether it’s a product launch or awareness campaign, brands can leverage consumer-generated content from social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) on our digital media, and encourage passers-by to become part of the brand conversation in real time.


Gaming is an immersive and interactive way for advertisers to promote campaign engagement, allowing consumers to take control of their brand experiences in real-time and have fun while they’re doing it.

Live Feed

Broadcast live events on our digital media in real time as they happen and align branded content with your campaign. Advertisers can provide extensive coverage of fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, national broadcasted events, and more.


NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can extend your campaign by offering your audience a quick and interactive brand experience with a simple tap or scan of their smartphone – making brand connections fast and easy.

Conditional Triggers

Using real-time data, programmatic and conditional prompts can trigger a change of advertising content based on elements of your choice (such as weather, time of the day, or sports scores), enabling brands to disrupt and engage consumers in real-time.

Mobile Advertising

A great companion to Out-of-Home, Mobile advertising allows brands to deliver custom content to their target audience via their mobile devices when they enter or leave a specific virtual geographic zone.


Designed to cater to the needs of any campaign and create memorable experiences, our specialty options include projections, photo booths, lounges, popup shops and more!


Branded Cities’ 3D holograms revolutionizes the way brands talk to audiences. Leverage the latest technology to create a three-dimensional image of your product or offering, viewable without the aid of special glasses or gadgets. Across our premium venues, stop consumers in their tracks and deliver a remarkable and buzzworthy brand experience with our hologram technology.

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