Today, Branded Cities Network (“BCN”) announces its partnership with social influencing company, Blog Meets Brand (“BMB”) which will give advertisers the ability to customize their Out-of-Home campaign with a tailored, cross-platform social program guaranteed to drive additional impressions across the blogosphere as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

The partnership will give BCN and their clients the ability to promote their brand through a network of over 15,000 high impact influencers across categories and their blogs and social media channels. Impressions are tracked in real time, detailing level of engagement, adding a deep analytical layer to existing OOH metrics.

“I think what we are seeing here is another step in the natural evolution of the relationship of OOH and Online,” said Michael Galkin, Sales, Marketing & Research Manager at BCN. “Giving our clients the opportunity to extend their reach beyond the audience at our signage locations, and have the data to support that, is an exciting prospect.”

“As one of the most forward-thinking and sophisticated media companies in the industry, we’re honored to partner with BCN to help marry OOH marketing with social influencer amplification.” says Eric Beer, Co-Founder of BMB. “The speed and ease of our platform enables BCN to build, manage, and measure influencer marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively to create innovative marketing solutions for their clients both online and off.”

About Branded Cities Network Branded Cities Network is a digital and spectacular Out-of-Home media company with iconic signage in iconic destinations throughout the United States. The Branded Cities Network promotes national and local brands throughout its network of spectacular, static and digital sign displays.

About Blog Meets Brand. Blog Meets Brand is a influencer marketing platform that connects high-profile influencers with brands seeking exposure across social media platforms. It’s a faster, easier way to create unique native content for social engagements and implement promotional campaigns that leverage the reach and influence of today’s top influencers.