Branded Cities continues to elevate their Digital offering with the announcement of three new networks of high-impact Digital Transit Shelters (TSAs) across the City of Ottawa. Digital TSAs are an effective medium to deliver maximum reach and frequency at major intersections, throughways and hard-to-reach neighborhoods. They also provide advertisers with a new level of flexibility through performance boosting digital capabilities such as time sensitive messaging and creative dayparting. These new networks are being rolled-out in phases, each containing 10 strategically situated 75” LCD displays replacing previous static assets. These digital units support up to 8 static advertisements in 10 second ad spots throughout an 80 second loop length*.

Transit Shelters and Street Furniture are an intrinsic component of the Ottawa transportation network, allowing brands to reach and connect with drivers, pedestrians and transit users. The 500+ locations that are evenly distributed across Canada’s capital city, from the downtown core to the suburban communities, provide unmatched city-wide coverage for any brand looking to reach the consumer on-the-go. Our extensive network of over 1,100 transit shelter and street furniture faces also offer impressive 13,113,625 daily impressions and can reach nearly 340,000 daily transit commuters*.

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* As required by Ottawa City By-Laws, only static ads are permitted on all Digital TSAs.